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Text Scam Incident

Jan 19, 2011

My youngest sister received this text message from +639274331979:

E2 ang bgo r0aming # q kmusta n ky0 jan?may pdala aq mga package at mga cp. pwd b loadan u muna e2 may im4tante tyo pag usapan.kng pwd twgan u ak0 s # n e2 ngaun.txtbk

This is a variation of the already reported text scam some time ago. Out of boredom, I told my sister to reply back:

Gago. Irereport kaya kita no’. Tingnan natin kung makakapagpadala ka pa ng text na ganito.

And to my surprise, the idiot replied back:

Ptang ina m takbo bilis takbo rep0rt m agad gag0

To which my sister replied:

Wala ka palang load a’.

You would think that no one would be fooled by an obvious scam such as this. Apparently not. On the bright side, it was fun trying to elicit a violent reaction from the scammer. Kapal ng mukha, siya na nga nanloloko.


Reaction to the Results of the UP President Selection

Dec 8, 2010

I do not know the details enough to make my own opinion. However, I will leave this nice Facebook status I found in my News Feed the other day:

Click to view the full image.

Reactions to follow. My thesis adviser is being a slave-driver for the past few days, so I am currently on a blogging hiatus.

The Wrong Kind of Girl

Oct 30, 2010

It was a farewell party for one of my friends in Paris, and I was one of the first to arrive at the bar since I live nearby. I only knew one person in the group, so I was content with listening to their conversations while waiting for the others. Eventually the group got bigger, and the table was practically divided into 2 groups: one dominantly male and one dominantly female. Since I was the first girl to arrive, I found myself sitting on the dominantly male side of the table.

Guess what the topic of conversation was all about. Relationships and sex.

As time went on, I found myself being confronted by the guys to explain a girl’s logic. They were telling me that the sexual desires of men are stronger than those of the women, so if the girl refuses to have sex with the guy, the natural response would be for the guy to find someone else. But of course, the girl will get angry if she finds out that the guy had an affair with someone else. Now they are clamoring for equality, that if the girl doesn’t want the guy to divert his attention, then she should give in and satisfy the sexual desires of men.

I was not drunk enough to pick a fight argue, but my mind can’t come up with a good response either. All I could do was mutter, “You’re talking to the wrong kind of girl.”

Honestly, I don’t understand the love affair of women with bags, shoes and clothes. It’s lucky if I get to shop for new wardrobe once a year. I don’t know how to use makeup, and I only wear it when I have to attend a formal event. When I have to go to a wedding I have to drag my gay friend to help me shop, and he would always lament and ask me if I am really a girl. I’ve spent hours in front of a computer playing a game, and there was one incident that I asked my friends to leave me in the coffee shop if they really have to go home, because I can’t leave until I finish the boss stage of Diablo II. I only engage in casual talk with strangers if I’m drunk enough to do so.

So if a guy approaches me and asks for advice and think that I could answer all their questions, they would be very disappointed. I’m as confused as guys are in understanding how a normal female mind thinks.

Math Teacher Fail

Oct 6, 2010

Something about mathematics, for a change. I was browsing in Reddit when I encountered this submission:

For my amusement, can you tell me why the teacher’s solution is wrong?

Christmas Reading List

Oct 5, 2010

Inspired by Martin’s Facebook note on his Christmas wish list, I want to start a list of my own. This will also serve as a reminder once I get home. I should really stop playing those mindless Facebook games and start reading again.

First, for the list of books I already own but haven’t started/finished reading:

  • The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin: Found it in a local bookstore. Can’t claim my nerd badge if I haven’t read this book.
  • Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan: My brother bought the entire book series. Why not read them?
  • 1984 by George Orwell: A book describing an oligarchical, collectivist society. A must-read classic, but sadly I haven’t got the time to finish it. (I own the ebook, its in my iPod Touch all this time.)
  • The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien: I watched the LoTR movies, but only got to read the books recently. This is the last of them.

Now for the books I wish I own:

  • The Time Quintet, by Madeleine L’Engle: I never knew that it was a series. I have a copy of A Wrinkle in Time somewhere in the house, so I want to complete that as well.
  • Artemis Fowl series, by Eoin Colfer: I got interested in it since a lot of people were claiming that it is a lot better than the Harry Potter series.
  • Black Wind and Trojan Odyssey, by Clive Cussler: These two books are the only ones I don’t own in the Dirk Pitt series. I’m dying to get a hold of them so I can move on.

Hmmm… I’m pretty obsessed with finishing book series nowadays.

EDIT: Additional books!

  • Battle Royale, by Koushun Takami: I watched the film, and recently discovered the novel.
  • Eye of the Needle, by Ken Follett: I asked the bookseller in Tea and Tattered Pages for a book recommendation, and she handed me this book when she noticed the Clive Cussler books I have in my hands.

Memories of Fear

Sep 23, 2010

This entry was inspired by the news of the violent demolitions that occurred this morning at the QC North Triangle. (News report can be found here.) I was trying to make a political entry, but I found it hard to put my thoughts together. Why? Read on…

I remember way back in high school how I feared to walk the length of Agham Road between Quezon Avenue and Pisay. I was afraid of the squatters area right across Pisay. This was probably the reason why my mom convinced her friend to start a school service in Pisay.

Summer right after my first year, I heard the news that someone from the upper batch was killed in a holdup. He was stabbed by an ice pick when he refused to give the money. In reaction to that, the school started handing out insurance policies valid for one year. My mom also bought a separate insurance for me when she heard of the news. It was also during that time that they placed a police outpost right across the gate of the school.

Despite these efforts, every now and then we would hear reports of schoolmates who were robbed while walking from school to Quezon Avenue. It’s as if the robbers across the streets know the day when we receive our stipends. It used to be a running joke (most probably true) that they are watching out for the armored van who comes to school to deliver the money. And to be honest, the police outpost across the street is not manned all the time. I remember when I was in fourth year, my dormer friend told us that a robber sneaked in to the girls residence room one weekend. She was bragging how she stood up to the robber, while we were all shaking our heads because of her recklessness.

Through the daily walks along Agham Road, I learned early on the value of prudence. Don’t act like you are a rich kid, so you don’t become a target for those robbers across the street. Be alert, not absent-minded. If my father had his way, I would have a pepper spray tucked inside my bag.

That fear never really faded away even when I grew up. I wished for the day when the illegal settlers across Pisay would be relocated somewhere else to make that area a safer place for everyone.

But as we all know, things are not that simple.

To be continued…

Wrong Numbers and Globe Telecom Roaming

Sep 13, 2010

Warning: Rage mode.

I’ve used the Globe roaming service just in case there is an emergency at home. I never really used it, since I can contact my family via Skype. My friends never needed to send me text messages, for I can contact them via Plurk or Facebook. And when I really need to call home and I am not online, I use the phone I have in Paris because I don’t know how I’m going to spend all the credit I put in it.

Imagine my surprise when my Globe prepaid credit dropped from P253 (Sept 13, 6:53 am Philippine time) to P 13.50 (Sept 13, 11:45 am Philippine time).

I received a call from +639173647360  at around 1 in the morning Paris time. (Yes I am going to post that number because whoever s/he was made me lose P240 worth of credit.) As far as I remember, I was dropping the call whenever I hear the phone ring. Then I started receiving text messages, “lorna tuba ko ba joy ni ooi.” The next thing I know I was receiving error messages from Globe:  “An attempt of incomming call was unsuccesful due to insuficient balance on your account.” (REALLY Globe, you should spell-check your system messages.) I was too sleepy to figure out what it meant.

So it’s finally morning here and my senses are awake, and I checked my prepaid balance. It dropped to P 13.50 as of 11:45 am Philippine time. WHAT. THE. HELL.

I checked the logs. I deliberately dropped the call 8 times, the latest was at 7:18 am Philippine time. Then I received 2 text messages, timestamp 7:20 am and 7:23 am (Philippine time). And the kicker: I answered the call at 7:24 am Philippine time, which makes it 1:24 am Paris time. No wonder I received 4 error messages from Globe saying that my balance was insufficient. *facepalm*

I can’t complain to Globe customer service now, because I answered the fucking call even though I didn’t know who it was. So whoever you are +639173647360, you just made me lose P 240 in prepaid credit. I don’t care who you are really trying to contact at that hour, I hate you. I’ll forgive you if you return the P 240 I inadvertently used on you.