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Twisted Statistics

Dec 11, 2007

I really can’t believe that they did an official study on this. Relationship of initials and grades in school?! You’ve got to be kidding me. Here is a perfect example of using statistics to fool the reader. At least, the dumb ones.

They didn’t even bother to explain the method they used to get this result. What is the composition of the population? How many people did they ask? How did they conduct the survey? What is the chance that the conclusion is wrong? These are very important! I’m sure that my former professor (from Austria) in Applied Statistics would insult the ones who planned and conducted this survey.

What’s even more annoying is that they just used a pathetic title to catch people’s attention. With this, people will blame their parents for their poor performance in school. Should have given a name that starts with A, right? WRONG.

Well, at least the grades in my university are numerical. This study does not apply to us. Haha.

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