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An Effective Ad…

Feb 2, 2008

… and another attack on Windows Vista. Click here to view the article.

I can’t help but to laugh at the picture, because I can see why it generated that response. I personally have my reservations about Windows Vista, and I desperately cling to my two-year old laptop that is running on Windows XP. My brother works as tech support for Dell, and he told me that most users are annoyed with Vista. My friends bought new laptops and are using Windows Vista, and I would usually taunt them on the speed of the OS. Another friend of mine is personally annoyed with the dialog boxes that appear each time you wanted to do something. As my friend would put it, it’s as if Vista is saying this: “I know you’re stupid, so I want to ask you if you really, REALLY want to do this…”

I use my laptop a lot in numerical computations, so speed is really important for me. Moreover, some programs are not yet compatible with Vista and so I still refused to upgrade. I plan to wait a few years for the OS to stabilize, before buying a new one.

Given the response I get from Vista users, it will take a while before I upgrade. Or maybe if I get impatient, I’ll buy myself a Mac.


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