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EDSA 2 A Mistake?!

Dec 23, 2008

This time, I can’t stop myself from writing a highly political entry. UP blood seeps through my veins.

I left the country to pursue my dreams, and this is the news that greets me?! Spare me the drama, Mrs. Aquino. How arrogant of you to say sorry for helping in ousting Estrada from office. The way I see it, it would have happened anyway, with or without your participation.

Let’s look back at what happened in the first place. The impeachment proceedings were going on, and almost all of the Filipinos at that time had their eyes glued to the TV screen. An envelope was presented for evidence, and there was a fierce debate on whether to open the envelope or not. The prosecutors and the defense lawyers may have had some idea on the contents of that envelope, but the audience had no clue on whatever secrets it hid. We were curious. Why is the defense side insisting on not opening the damn envelope? If it were really useless, they wouldn’t fear its contents, right?

But the Senate at that time chose not to open the envelope. This led to the walkout of the prosecution panel. They were the ones who called the people to go once more to EDSA to make a stand. And the people responded.

I was there twice, and I am proud to say that I skipped my classes just to be there. Who could resist the invitation of my Humanities professor at that time, when she announced that she will not hold classes until Erap steps down? My dad was calling me one time, reminding me to be careful because he saw (in TV) people throwing water bottles towards the crowd. It was really a unique experience to join the rally to make a stand. You can just imagine how many people wanted Erap out of office.

And now, Cory apologizes because she believes that EDSA 2 was a mistake. There was no mistake, Mrs. Aquino. Erap had to go because of the blatant corruption while he was in charge. Whether he had a hand on it or not, he allowed it to happen. As the leader of our country, he is accountable for that.

If the organizers of EDSA 2 had to apologize, they should apologize to the Filipino people for finding a poor replacement for Erap. For the record, not everyone wanted GMA to be the next president.

But the people are smarter now. For me, there are two reasons why GMA is still the president. One, there is really no strong evidence incriminating her of corruption and cheating. It is always her husband who takes the fall, and not directly her. Second, there is no one virtuous enough to replace her. Why risk another EDSA revolution when there is no strong evidence and there is a risk that we would put someone just as bad, or even worse? No thanks.

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