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How I Spent Christmas

Dec 29, 2008

I’ve got to be the worst traveller. Here I am in Paris at Christmas, and I spent the holidays indoors. I don’t like the cold, that’s why. Last time I checked, ice was beginning to form on the streets. I can see why bears like to hibernate during winter. I can see why Europeans love to go to the beach. I just can’t concentrate with this eternal cold. Brrr…

I don’t care if the lights of Champs-Élysées are pretty at night. I’ve seen it last year anyway, thank you very much. I’m missing the warmth of the Philippines. I’ll never complain about the heat ever again.

My holiday was not entirely wasted, because I spent my time cooking. It was a struggle trying to find the ingredients I need, but I managed to stock my refrigerator for about a month. Watch out, I am perfecting my recipe for nilagang baka. Why, I might even try to cook bulalo next time. Mmmm…

Eating is another problem. I abhor the sight of solidified oil, so I always eat fast. I don’t even have time to savor the fruits of my labor. *sigh*

That’s it. I hate winter.

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