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On Friendships

Dec 31, 2008

This was inspired by an entry of Joyce. I was moved because I’ve spent the last couple of months evaluating the friendships I’ve formed so far. And then, I’ve stumbled upon this article from TechCrunch, and realized that with the boom of social networks, the definition of friendships have blurred.

Personally, I think a true friend is someone you can open up to. Someone you can trust enough to reveal who you really are as a person. Someone who accepts you, no matter what your faults are. They may or may not be not always there, they have their own lives to live. But when you are together, you can drop your defenses. You feel safe.

Friendships take time to build, they are not formed overnight. You strengthen the friendship by spending time with each other, getting to know the person. In this age of cellphones, blogs and social networks, it is now easier to do this. But still, nothing beats face-to-face interactions. It’s so easy to lie and create a totally different persona online.

They are the ones you turn to whenever you have a problem. And when they have problems, you do everything in your power to help them. They may or may not always agree with what you think, but you respect each other’s opinion and you know that they want to help you, not judge you.

They are the ones who make your life brighter. So if you find one, don’t ever let it go.

I’m glad I found mine. Thank you for making my year meaningful.

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