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Losing Drive, Money and Patience

Jan 9, 2009

It’s no big secret that I don’t want to be here. And with the current status of my paperwork, I’m beginning to lose my patience. Not to mention that I’ve already spent a lot of money, with no hope of being compensated for it. Bah.

Why do the French make it difficult for foreign students to study in Paris? Why, oh why?

  • First main problem: French translation of my diploma. Apparently, the one I did back at home is not good. The good lady in charge of my immigration papers explained to me that according to the translated diploma I have with me, my degree is only equivalent to an undergraduate degree in France, not a master’s degree. I need another document that will attest that the degree I have back home is indeed equivalent to a European master’s degree. And according to the head of the doctoral program, I will need another translation of the diploma, done here in Paris. And since this is apparently an urgent one, I had it done immediately. Congratulations, that’s 52 euros off my wallet.
  • Second main problem: Accommodation. The same lady told me that I will have problems with the immigration papers if I don’t find a place after February. Find some place more permanent, huh? Good luck with that. I don’t know anyone in Paris, I don’t speak the language, and I’m expected to look for a place? Even the French students have a hard time looking for accommodation. I am going to try three options tomorrow. If nothing works, I am screwed. Big time.
  • Third main problem: Salary. I was under the impression that I am going to be paid for December. When I checked my account, that was not the case. I know that it is a stretch, since I came here on the last day of classes in Paris. Why am I going to be paid when most of the members of the lab are on vacation? But if that was the case, I should have left the country two weeks after! I could have spent Christmas in the Philippines. And there were two reasons why I had to leave in December: (1) the reservation for the apartment, and (2) the grant for the plane ticket is only valid until December. Screw the grant I got for the plane ticket. I can look for other sources if I wanted to. Damn, damn, damn.

I can’t do anything with the paperwork at this point. I am waiting for the darn translation before I could start again. So for now, my adviser told me to stop everything and focus on finding an accommodation starting on March. I can’t even believe what I heard. Ahaha.

What if things don’t work out? I could go home, ahaha. That isn’t so bad. Now I don’t know if I should pray for everything to work out or not. 😛

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  1. Jan 9, 2009 3:54 pm

    “Why do the French make it difficult for foreign students to study in Paris? Why, oh why?”

    so that when you come back home you’ll be as glam and fab as they come. and sharp as a steel blade. and be una bella figura (although, err, that’s Italian) – a woman of the world.

    kaya mo yan Tina. hindi ka uuwi!! =)

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