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Two Months Down: Missing A Lot

Feb 17, 2009

Fine, I’ve accepted the fact that I’m stuck here for the next couple of years, or to be exact I still have 22-1/2 months left here. Things are a bit more settled now and I’m starting to work on what I’m supposed to do here in the first place. I’m just a bit annoyed that my adviser overestimates my abilities, as he’s asking for follow-ups at a crazy rate. I still haven’t picked up the momentum, being out of practice for so damn long.

I badly need a jumpstart right now.

I guess what’s been dragging me down lately is the fact that I’m still missing a lot from home. I miss my former lifestyle, where I could afford to hang out every night after work. I miss my former students, and I am always wondering how they are doing lately. I miss my friends a lot, because now I don’t have anyone I could talk to whenever I’m frustrated with something. I’ve been too quiet as of late, and that’s bound to make me a bit paranoid.

I miss going to the beach. I would give anything just to wake up early to catch the sunrise as I watch the waves approach the shore.

Maybe life is just a little too fast-paced for me. *sigh*

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