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Learning: My Own Way

Mar 4, 2009

Granted, I’ll never be as good as my roommates here in the lab. They can recall complicated theorems with ease, as if it was just the quadratic formula!I have to remind myself that they have the advantage of studying here for a long time, something that someone like me never had. So in order to learn things that I am supposed to know, I have to think of another approach.

Having taught for 5 years, I know that an effective way to study a certain topic is to think about how you are going to teach that topic to your students. I must admit that I never memorized the trigonometric identities when I was just a student, but when I started teaching trigonometry, I now know these by heart. And there is something exciting about anticipating your students’ questions, because it makes me look at a problem from several angles and not depending entirely on the textbook solution.

Here is my big problem. I have no audience for the topic I’m studying at the moment. Any volunteers?

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  1. Mar 9, 2009 4:22 am

    hehe sensha na hindi makakatulong.^_^;

    bigyan mo ako copy nung problems parang may kilala akong malalapitan.

    pambihira, soooobrang di talaga kami magkakaintindihan nun.

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