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In Retrospect

Mar 26, 2009

It didn’t have to turn out like this.

It all started with a flaw in the system. Some may have missed it. Others knew it was there but dismissed it. And there are some who knew it was there and exploited it. No one bothered to fix it. Or maybe some tried to, but others blocked the attempt for various reasons. In any case, nothing was done to fix the flaw.

Things could only get worse, wear and tear is bound to happen. The flaw only got bigger with continuous use. There will come a time when the flaw will be substantial enough to cause total destruction. Once that happens, it would be too late.

Logical arguments aren’t working, so people had to resort to name-calling. These are desperate times, calling for desperate measures. Credibilities are tattered, friendships are broken, trust is lost. People are drowning in hatred. So many things could have been done to prevent all of these things from happening.

But it did happen. The weak dam collapsed with the sheer power of the river current. Call me sentimental, but I cried after seeing the destruction. To the institution that has given me so much, it pains me to see it fall apart.

My heart is screaming, I want to help in rebuilding it. But as I look around, I see idealists turn into realists. Realists becoming apathetic. Apathetics turning into cynics. The cynics are now nihilists. Is that it, then? Let go and move on?

It didn’t have to turn out like this.

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