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Three Months: What Drives Me

Mar 31, 2009

The recent issue during the past couple of weeks made me forget my own countdown. I’ve already spent more than three months in this place, and there are only 21 months left. But don’t ask me about the work that I’ve done so far, for the recent issues also made me forget that I have lots of work to do.

To be honest, I didn’t want to write about that issue. I knew nothing about it since I’ve spent the last three months here. The only bits of information I have came from the blog entries and through chat. The ones in the Philippines are in a much better position to talk about it. Hence, I promised myself that I will go on lurker status, following the issue by reading the now infamous blog entries.

But something prompted me to join the fray. I ended up breaking my own promise and wrote a blog entry of my own to defend the teachers involved. What prompted me to write? Let’s just say that the motivation behind it made me smile and I realized just where my loyalties lie.

My heart never really left Pisay. No matter how imperfect the system is, it has given me so much. So I’ll join the ranks of those people who are fighting for change in Pisay.

But first, let me finish what I came here to do.

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