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A Change, Huh?

Apr 13, 2009

It all started with a dream. A building collapsed in front of me. It was so vivid, I thought it was real. I even looked closer to survey the damage.

I asked Flori to interpret the dream for me. This is what she said:

yun building: it represents the self and the body. yung explosion, it’s suppressed anger and rage. since na-damage yung building, it means that your self image has taken some blow. you need to change. kung nag-collapse yung building then it means that you are losing sight of your ambitions and goals.

How accurate, considering I’ve never told her the entire story of my stubborn refusal to be here. It’s been happening to me since last year, and I have a general idea on why it happened.

I have indeed lost sight of my ambitions and goals. Even the last Facebook quiz I took told me this, saying that I would finish grad school in 2056. I don’t know, it just seems unimportant to me now. Knowing how hard it would be to get that degree and knowing what will happen afterwards, that is not exactly what I wanted to become. So I came here with a devil-may-care attitude, just going through it all because I have no choice. You may object, there is always a choice you might say. Unfortunately, the consequences of defying fate is a future of uncertainty, something that I don’t want to happen at the moment given the recent financial crisis.

A change, huh? I would welcome it with open arms. Anything that would take me away from this situation. Far, far away.

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  1. Apr 13, 2009 9:53 pm

    Awwww >:D<

    Change doesn’t have to come suddenly. Baby steps. Embracing the idea of change is the first. Wish you all the luck! Mwah!

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