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May 10, 2009

I finally got tired of waiting for OnelineNIC to fix issues. Since I don’t want to pay for crappy web hosting, I decided to abandon my former website and register a new one with MSWEB.

Yeah, I am using this blog post to promote my new homepage, Tracks of Distraction. This time, I am using my real name, Tina Bargo, instead of Tinabargs (a nickname given to me when I was in high school). Instead of the usual WordPress blog, I decided to make my homepage a Lifestream blog. (For the definition of a lifestream blog, see the About page of my homepage.) I got the idea from Kyam and thought that since I am maintaining several blogs, it would be nice if there’s a place where I could put all of them together. Now you just have to go to my homepage to see excerpts of the updates I posted on whatever blog I chose. If you want to read further, you just have to go to the particular feed to see the link to the original entry. Neat, huh?

What I really liked about the concept of the lifestream is the fact that I can synchronize it with other online services as well. For the moment my Twitter updates, Multiply updates, and shared items in Google Reader are displayed in my site. I even displayed the recent tracks I played in You can also configure Flickr, YouTube, Digg, Reddit, FriendFeed, etc. to work in the lifestream as well. And if you used any of these services, your activity is automatically recorded in the lifestream. I rarely used the sharing feature of Google Reader since I only have one friend who uses it regularly, but the lifestream concept gives me an excuse to share more items in Google Reader. And once I begin my new project, I will use Flickr as well.

The lifestream was created using Sweetcron, a free lifestream blog software. Unfortunately, the software is on its early versions and not as easily customizable like WordPress. My knowledge of PHP and CSS is limited to Google searching and trial-and-error, so it took me the entire day to setup (with some help from Kyam, who used the same software before). I’m pretty sure that you can also configure the lifestream to work with Plurk and other services, but it involves some serious code-tweaking and lots of time and patience.

What happened to my book and movie review blog, Flavor of the Day? I created it as a subdomain than you can access here. (And yeah, I was also fixing this site while I was updating my homepage. My mind works that way. Haha.) Unfortunately, I was not able to back up my previous entries, so all my previous articles are gone. But hey, let’s start from scratch. I probably would react differently to the ones I posted in the previous site, anyway. And since I am starting anew, I changed the theme as well. I had fun editing photos I could use for my image banner. So if you surf that blog, the theme displays a randomly chosen image banner.

I know I haven’t been blogging as much as before, but that does not mean I am not active online. Usually I would blame this on my workload, but it is really because of microblogging. So if you really want to be updated with what I’m doing, just look at my lifestream at

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