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On the Great Book Blockade

May 20, 2009

I’ve been following the issue for quite some time. A lot has been said about the issue already, so let me just point you to this post, which summarizes everything and gives you a nice timeline of the events since 1952 (when the Florence Agreement was created).

Honestly, I know that customs were taxing imported books for quite some time, and reading the original article on the great book blockade just made me aware that people from Customs were actually violating an international treaty. Woah. The price of books these days are high relative to my salary as an educator, so I could only afford to buy books once in a while and spend them on relatively popular ones. Of course, book tax would only lead to more expensive books in the future, so I linked the stories related to the book blockade on every social networking site I belong to. Something must be done.

What got me annoyed was the response from DOF on the issue. Sue them, they said. I wanted to wring their necks when I read the title of the article. How I wish that someone would rise to the challenge and sue them for turning the rest of the country into idiots like them. People in the government should know better than to answer in an arrogant manner whenever they are bombarded with issues like this. Why, this is the perfect way to turn the people against them, don’t you think?

Suppose that the government continues to implement the book tax. Price of books will rise, demand for books will fall. The more resourceful book lovers will turn to pirated copies of the books, photocopied or electronic versions. It’s difficult to read these pirated copies, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers. And as for the rest of the population, good luck.

God help us all.


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