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The Same Old Story, With a Twist

Jun 3, 2009
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They’ve been trying to change the constitution for more than 10 years now. Nothing has happened in the past. Maybe that’s why a lot of people dismissed it. I was only alerted of the issue while chatting with Alex, so I started looking at the live blog from Filipino Voices and also my Twitter feeds.

Little media coverage. Hmmm, bad. Why are they in such a hurry to pass that resolution? But then, I’ve also seen that phenomenon unfold in an institution that is smaller than the House of Representatives. And just like what happened in Congress, they got what they wanted.

Maybe the constitution badly needs an overhaul. But with the news I’ve been getting for the past few weeks, do you really entrust the entire country in their hands?

We got lucky with the book blockade issue. If UNESCO didn’t issue a statement, it would have been buried under the video scandal + water incident at the Senate. With this ConAss issue, we are on our own.

For the record, a lot of people left that institution I was talking about three paragraphs ago. Will the same thing happen in this case?



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