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Stressed Once More By Online Banking

Jul 24, 2009

This is the second time that I’ve wasted so much time doing bank transactions. There were just too many things that I should have done back home before leaving for this God-forsaken place. Gah!

Okay fine, I understand the need to confirm the enrollment to make third party funds transfer transactions. But for someone like me who is abroad, you make it a lot more difficult.

First, the form. Did you know that you are using font size 6 for your damn online form, half of which uses grayscale instead of black? Do you have any idea how it looks like when printed? Do you have any idea how it looks like if you scan that thing? Do you know that you are wasting two-thirds of the page it is printed on? Good grief, increase the font size to make it more readable and to make it scanner-friendly.

Second, the sending via snail mail part. You are only allowing ten days for the damn form to reach your Makati office, otherwise you will dismiss the transaction. How the hell can I make it reach your office in ten days? The post office here promised that it will reach the Philippines in one week. The problem is the postal system in the Philippines. The last time I sent a document from here to the Philippines, it took more than one month for my mail to reach the Philippines: one week from here to the Philippines, and a month in the Philippine post office for whatever reasons. Goodness, do you want me to send that sheet of paper via FedEx?!

Anyway, why can’t you accept forms via fax or through email? Can’t you verify my signature through electronic forms? It’s a whole lot faster.

I can’t believe that it is a lot easier to send remittances from here to the Philippines via PNB. It only took a day for my parents to receive the money I sent them.

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