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Death Musings

Sep 1, 2009

Death is never fair for the ones being left behind. More so when the death came so suddenly. It will always be a case of “gone too soon” because of things that we take for granted when they were still alive. We seem to have a knack for realizing how much someone matters to us once it is too late. The pain of loss is too great, you would want time to stop because you don’t know how to go on without them.

You can judge how a person lived his life by observing the people who attend the funeral. Not many people can claim that they have touched a lot of people when they lived. You hear the outpour of emotions through the eulogies, you feel connected with the rest of the audience sharing the loss of a loved one.

But Time would work its magic in the end. People will start getting used to the loss and move on with their lives. Some people will eventually forget. How long it takes will depend from person to person.

Sometimes, I wonder how I will be remembered when my time is up. I also wonder how long other people will remember me after I’m gone.

It would be great to know that people will remember the good things you did to them when you were alive. I would want my close friends to remember me after I’m gone. However, I would also want them to move on with their lives as soon as possible and not miss me too much. We often hear stories of how some people cannot cope with the loss of a loved one. I don’t want that to happen to the ones I care about. I will not be able to forgive myself in that case.

Well, we still have time to figure that out, now do we? Got to start working on it before I run out of time.

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