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Variable Name

Sep 21, 2009

I almost forgot that I am a Math teacher. My bad. So here’s an entry to remind you (and probably myself as well) that I used to teach Mathematics.

As a Math teacher, I stressed the importance of defining the variables at the beginning of each solution. Of course, I was used to using the standard variable names x and y, to be consistent with the notations that students will encounter in their higher math courses. But I always remind them that they can use any variable name that they want, as long as they define it at the beginning.

Upon seeing this link from College Humor, I am inclined to rethink my policy on variable names. See for yourself.They say math's the universal language, but this is all gibberish to me.

What amazed me is that the student knows what he was doing. But it takes a bored mind to use drawings instead of letters to represent the unknowns in this problem. If I saw a paper like this, I probably would have the same reaction as the professor who corrected this quiz.

I now accuse my former students of being too boring. Not one of them thought of using this tactic. Weak. Haha.

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