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Cat Stories

May 4, 2010

I am a cat person for as long as I can remember. It’s no surprise then that I cried when I saw this video.

One would certainly wonder if the uploader of this video had the correct interpretation of that cat’s actions. Is that cat trying to revive the other cat by using cardiac massage? Or are we misinterpreting the actions of the cat?

This video reminds me of my pet cat. Her name is Bleke, a Visayan way of saying “black cat” (which is ironic because she is not black, her fur is actually white with black spots). She was born when I was 6 years old and she stayed with me until she died nine years later. I even had a picture of her somewhere back home.

There was a time when I dreamed of her giving birth. I distinctly remembered that dream because I found Bleke licking my nose, trying to wake me up after I had that dream. I immediately stood up, surprised at finding her beside me. She jumped out of the bed and kept on staring back at me, as if urging me to follow. She led me to her kittens, and up to this day I am still amazed by the strange coincidence. Fine, maybe my subconscious already heard the purring kittens and it made my brain conjure images of my cat giving birth. That still doesn’t explain why I found her waking me up that day, for she never deliberately woke me up before.

We would always prepare a basin for her kittens, lining it with newspapers so that the kittens would not roam around the house. We always placed the basin underneath my bed. We tried to put the basin somewhere else, but Bleke would always put her kittens back under my bed and she would nag me to bring the basin under my bed. *sigh* I’ve gotten pretty used to sleeping even when I hear the kittens crying out for their mom.

It’s always sad whenever we had to dispose of the kittens. My mom would leave them in the retreat house near our neighborhood, hoping that the nuns there would take care of the kittens. It pains me to see Bleke searching the entire house, calling her kittens every now and then hoping that they would respond. There was one particular batch of kittens I was attached to, and I was crying for a week after they were gone. I even wrote a short story about it, complete with drawings and everything. I was hiding it from my mom, but she eventually found it while she was cleaning my room.

So, was the cat in the video doing a cardiac massage? I wouldn’t be surprised. I think cats are capable of forming emotional bonds like humans do. Can they also feel grief? Hmmm… why not?


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