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My Thoughts on President Noynoy’s SONA

Jul 27, 2010

I would have to admit that the State of the Nation Address delivered yesterday by President Aquino sounds good. It could have been delivered better: I can sense some nervousness in his voice and I can’t help but twitch when I heard his mispronunciations. But it was one of the more sincere speeches I’ve heard in a long, long time.

(Incidentally, I now know the identity of Pres. Aquino’s speechwriter, haha…)

However, a closer look at the contents of his SONA made me realize that beyond his pet idea of public-private partnerships, it lacks content. Sure, he described in detail what he plans to do with corrupt officials. (He should, his entire campaign is based on that promise…) But corruption is not the only problem in the country. And his silence on these other issues is a bit disturbing. This is the main reason that I hesitated to pick him as my presidential candidate. If he will concentrate all of his policies on the crackdown of corrupt government officials, he might not have time to deal with the other concerns. We might end up worse than what happened in the previous administration.

I have other concerns regarding the public-private partnerships, but that deserves a separate blog entry. Let it brew for a while, and wait until I review my economics.

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