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Christmas Reading List

Oct 5, 2010

Inspired by Martin’s Facebook note on his Christmas wish list, I want to start a list of my own. This will also serve as a reminder once I get home. I should really stop playing those mindless Facebook games and start reading again.

First, for the list of books I already own but haven’t started/finished reading:

  • The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin: Found it in a local bookstore. Can’t claim my nerd badge if I haven’t read this book.
  • Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan: My brother bought the entire book series. Why not read them?
  • 1984 by George Orwell: A book describing an oligarchical, collectivist society. A must-read classic, but sadly I haven’t got the time to finish it. (I own the ebook, its in my iPod Touch all this time.)
  • The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien: I watched the LoTR movies, but only got to read the books recently. This is the last of them.

Now for the books I wish I own:

  • The Time Quintet, by Madeleine L’Engle: I never knew that it was a series. I have a copy of A Wrinkle in Time somewhere in the house, so I want to complete that as well.
  • Artemis Fowl series, by Eoin Colfer: I got interested in it since a lot of people were claiming that it is a lot better than the Harry Potter series.
  • Black Wind and Trojan Odyssey, by Clive Cussler: These two books are the only ones I don’t own in the Dirk Pitt series. I’m dying to get a hold of them so I can move on.

Hmmm… I’m pretty obsessed with finishing book series nowadays.

EDIT: Additional books!

  • Battle Royale, by Koushun Takami: I watched the film, and recently discovered the novel.
  • Eye of the Needle, by Ken Follett: I asked the bookseller in Tea and Tattered Pages for a book recommendation, and she handed me this book when she noticed the Clive Cussler books I have in my hands.
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