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Text Scam Incident

Jan 19, 2011

My youngest sister received this text message from +639274331979:

E2 ang bgo r0aming # q kmusta n ky0 jan?may pdala aq mga package at mga cp. pwd b loadan u muna e2 may im4tante tyo pag usapan.kng pwd twgan u ak0 s # n e2 ngaun.txtbk

This is a variation of the already reported text scam some time ago. Out of boredom, I told my sister to reply back:

Gago. Irereport kaya kita no’. Tingnan natin kung makakapagpadala ka pa ng text na ganito.

And to my surprise, the idiot replied back:

Ptang ina m takbo bilis takbo rep0rt m agad gag0

To which my sister replied:

Wala ka palang load a’.

You would think that no one would be fooled by an obvious scam such as this. Apparently not. On the bright side, it was fun trying to elicit a violent reaction from the scammer. Kapal ng mukha, siya na nga nanloloko.

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  1. kaye permalink
    Mar 25, 2011 4:07 pm

    I was so busy yesterday. Di ko naverify kung sino katext ko. Akala ko bf ko na nsa US ung katext ko na nagbago ng cp num and I did load him. Malaki naload ko and sinumpa ko na sana mamatay na sya.

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